Ultimate Madness Tower Defense


Ultimate Madness Tower Defense game is available in Android and IOS. This gameplay review was created in the Android version of the game. This Tower defense psychodelic comic style will make you laugh as everytime you smash something tons of blood (tomato effect 🙂 ) will come out. The shouting while the criatures are suffering our anger is also hilarious.
Ultimate Madness Tower Defense will make you entertained and expend some hours making your tower much stronger in order to compete with differents creatures in several and varied maps.

My favourite creature is the black ninja, if this guy gets your castle it will make your life bar decrease dramatically, trust me 🙂

Ultimate Madness Tower Defense was created by Andrii Drihulias if you visit App Store, if you visit Google Play you will see that it was developed by Dad-Team, different story in itch.io as the game is claimed by Duct-Team, I guess they are trying to find the correct brand name.

Where to find the game:

Google Play

App Store



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